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North Brevard Hotspots Field Trip – Feb 10, 2018

Doug took us to several locations in North Brevard County to see a variety of song birds and water fowl.  The highlight of the trip of course was his neighborhood and backyard.  The group consisting of 18 birders from beginner to expert, saw 58 species. Pied billed Grebe American Pelican Great Blue Heron Great Egret [...]

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100 Acre Hollow Field Trip – Feb 4, 2018

Over 40 birders attended the 100 Acre Hollow Field Trip.  David Simpson located 31species for us     2 Mottled Duck 1 Wood Stork 3 Double-crested Cormorant 10 American White Pelican 7 Great Egret 9 Little Blue Heron 15 Glossy Ibis 5 Black Vulture 2 Turkey Vulture 2 Osprey 1 Northern Harrier 1 Sharp-shinned Hawk [...]

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Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Field Trip – Feb 3 2018

Marilyn and 21 birders drove along Black Point Drive and surrounding area for a wonderful day of birding.  Our count was 76 species Gadwall Wigeon Blue-winged Teal Shoveler Lesser Scaup Hooded Merganser Loon White Pelican Pied-billed Grebe Brown Pelican Cormorant Anhinga Great Blue Heron Great Egret Snowy Egret Little Blue Heron Tricolor Heron Reddish Egret [...]

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Beginning Birding at Viera Wetlands Trip Report – Jan 21 2018

Debra and Rochelle meet with 28 Birders at Viera Wetlands.  They gave the group a short intro into birding ID and handed out abridged birding guides to new birders.  We headed out in  3 groups to drive the wetlands.  Each group had several experienced birders to help with the newer members.  A fun time was [...]

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Vero Wetlands Field Trip – Jan 20, 2018

George and 25 birders explored the Vero Beach Wetland on a cool and sunny day.  In additon to some  plyful otters here is what we saw: Wood Stork Red-shouldered Hawk Pied-billed Grebe Mocking Bird Coot Cormorant Ahinga Great Blue Heron Tricolor Heron Osprey Cattle Egret Kingfisher Blue Jay Fish Crow Tree Swallow Robin Boat-tailed Grackle [...]

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Merritt Island NWR Field Trip – Jan 14, 2018

Jim and Jeff led 26 birders around Black Point Drive on a cold and windy (but sunny) day. After a couple hours driving and walking, we ended the event at the Visitors Center for a picnic.  Lots of fun with 64 bird species seen. American Widgeon Blue-wing Teal Hooded Merganser Ring-necked Duck Lesser Scaup Northern [...]

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Blue Heron Field Trip Report – Dec 17 2017

Matt and Lora guided 25 birders along the banks of the Blue Heron Wetlands.  Here is what we saw: black bellied whistling ducks double crested cormorant anhinga American bittern great blue heron great egret little blue heron tricolor heron white ibis glossy ibis black vulture turkey vulture osprey bald eagle northern harrier red shouldered hawk [...]

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Brevard Zoo Field Trip 3 Dec 2017

19 Briders walked the Brevard Zoo looking for local birds among the zoo wildlife.  Below is the list we compiled in 2.5 hours. 1 Double-crested Cormorant 8 Great Blue Heron 1 Great Egret (American) 19 White Ibis 5 Black Vulture 1 Red-shouldered Hawk 5 Common Gallinule 4 Mourning Dove 2 Great Horned Owl 2 Red-bellied [...]

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Orlando Wetland Field Trip Report – Nov 12, 2017

Great day of birding in the Orlando wetlands for 18 members of Space Coast Audubon.  Photos courtesy of Fritz Waterman Black and white warbler   White-eyed vireo Yellow rump warbler Blue-gray gnatcatcher House wren Phoebe White ibis Catbird Palm warbler Great egret Black vulture Cardinal Osprey Black bellied whistling duck Wood stork Red-bellied woodpecker Great blue [...]

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Enchanted Forest Trip Report 15 Oct 2017

28 Birders attended this event.  Below is the list of birds observed on the Enchanted Forest Filed Trip on 15 Oct 2017trip. Thanks to all the photographs on the trip for capturing closer shots for ID and also to help us see the beauty of the birds. Carolina wren, cardinal, catbird, red bellied wood pecker, [...]

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