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Palm Beach Wetlands Trip Report – March 25, 2017

Jeff and 8 birders drove to Boynton and Delray Beach on Saturday, first to Wokodahatchee Wetlands and then to Green Cay for a fabulous day of birding.  We met with Linda McCandless from the Audubon Society of the Everglades who gave us a wonder tour of Wakodahatchee.  This wetlands is know for nesting birds and [...]

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Circle B Bar Preserve Field Trip Report – Mar 11, 2017

Mark led a dozen birds to Circle B Bar Preserve for a very productive day.  We saw or heard 61 species , see below   Black-bellied Whistling Duck Blue-Wing Teal Pied-billed Grebe Wood Stork Cormorant Anhinga Brown Pelican American Bittern Least Bittern Great Blue Heron Great Egret Snowy Egret Little Blue Heron Tircolored Heron Cattle [...]

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Birds and Brew Field Trip Report – -Feb 26, 2017

Best turn out I have seen in recent years.  Roughly 30 birders showed up for the Viera Wetlands drive about.  Highlights included a Great Horned Owl, Snipes, and a Solitary Sandpiper (thanks to Dave Simpson).  After the wetlands drive, the gang went to the Pizza Gallery where Rochelle hosted a well planned out social hour [...]

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Orlando Wetlands Field Trip Report – Jan 25, 2017

Mark led a dozen birder to the Orlando Wetlands on Saturday.  Most of the ducks were gone.  The bird of the day was a least bittern seen by some but not all.  After the walk the group sat down to a picnic lunch.  The complete list of  53 species is below: Blue-wing Teal Sora Purple [...]

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Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Encore Field Trip – Feb 18, 2017

Marilyn led 23 birders along Black Point Drive in the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge on a beautiful although somewhat windy day.  Concerns about a low bird count due to the lack of water did prove to limit the number of ducks seen.  However, we had a productive day and counted the  65 species listed below: [...]

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North Brevard Hotspots Field Trip – Feb 11, 2017

Doug led 22 birders to several locations in and around Mims and Titusville to see 56 species.  Highlights included Painted Buntings at Doug's backyard feeder and Black-bellied Whistling Ducks in a neighborhood pond.  The day's list is below: Canada Geese Osprey Morning Dove Red Shouldered Hawk Pileated Woodpecker Cardinal Yellow rump Warbler Common Grackle Boat [...]

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Vero Beach Wetland Field Trip Report-Jan 21,2017

George led 16 birders from Melbourne down to the Vero Beach wetlands on a beautiful Saturday morning for a leisurely walk among the berms.  After a couple of hours of great viewing, most of us enjoyed a picnic lunch and reviewed our list for the day.  The group spotted 53 species including the prize Snail [...]

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Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Trip Report – 14 Jan 2017

Marilyn led 16 birders along Black Point Drive in MINWR on Saturday, 14 Jan 2016.  We had 67 species.  The highlights were: Clapper rail, Sora, American bittern, and snipe along with a host of other species.  See the complete list below and check out the wonderful pictures taken by some of the birders.  Thanks Fritz [...]

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Blue Heron Field Trip Report-Dec 11, 2016

  Here's this morning's bird list in the order that our group of 12 bireder saw them.  king fisher, mourning dove, black bellied whistling duck, collared dove, Caspian tern, cormorant, common gallinule, coot, both grackles, cat bird, blue wing teal, yellow rump warbler ,red shouldered hawk, Carolina wren, robin, palm warbler, American bittern, glossy ibis [...]

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TM Goodwin Trip Report Nov 8 2016

Ten birders traveled to TM Goodwin to ride the roads along the impound.  The day started off cloudy but then warmed up a little as the sun broke through.  Lots of fun and very productive.  Look below to see the 64 species we found Red shouldered hawk Kestrel Snail kite Black vulture Turkey vulture Harrier [...]

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