It was great to see so many birding friends today at Lori Wilson Park!  Blustery winds from the NE seemed to keep the birds from yesterday in the Hammock. However, activity wasn’t much before 9 am, quiet after 11:30.  It was a lot more work today tracking down the warblers; low or mid-section of the trees. I birded with Camille and Bob.  Many Gray Catbirds were still around, singing, calling and picking through the leaves and we hoped one would turn into a Swainson’s (no). There was a Red-eyed Vireo and the most uncommon today-a Green Heron!  Bob spotted a very yellow-breasted, white undertail bird (maybe the Yellow-breasted Chat), but after much effort we couldn’t relocate.  He also had an “orangy-necked” bird that wasn’t relocated (possible Blackburnian).
Black and White-6-8
Common Yellowthroat-2
American Redstart-2, m, f
Cape May-at least 8-10, m,f
Northern Parula
Blackpoll-1 m(maybe 2)
Black-throated Blue, m
Prairie-12, m,f
Phyllis Mansfield,
Cocoa Beach, FL
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