George led 16 birders from Melbourne down to the Vero Beach wetlands on a beautiful Saturday morning for a leisurely walk among the berms.  After a couple of hours of great viewing, most of us enjoyed a picnic lunch and reviewed our list for the day.  The group spotted 53 species including the prize Snail Kite and least sandpiper.  For a complete list see below.  Special thanks to George for leading the trip and to Fritz for the photos

Red-shouldered hawk

Yellow rump warbler

Mocking bird

King Fisher

Ring-bill gull


Pied-billed grebe



Cattle egret

White ibis

Caspian tern

Glossy Ibis

Blue grey gnatcatcher

Sand hill crane

Little blue heron

Snowy egret

Blue jay

Red-bellied woodpecker



Great egret

Turkey vulture

Northern shoveler

Hooded merganser

Glossy Ibis

Mottled ducks

White ibis

Blue-wing teal

Boat tail grackle

Palm warbler

Greater yellowlegs

Lesser yellowlegs

Green heron

Wood stork

Little blue heron

Green wing teal

American coot

American bittern


Tri-color heron

Snail kite

Ring-necked duck

Red-tail hawk

Black vulture

Fish crow

Morning dove

Least sandpiper

Roseate spoonbill


Redwing blackbird

White Pelican