Snowy Egret By William Haddad - also put on about us page
Snowy Egret, by William Haddad

The purpose of the Space Coast Audubon Society is to provide an opportunity for people to become aware firsthand of the value and beauty of nature. Through conservation and education, we hope to create an understanding of and interest in all wildlife, preserve irreplaceable natural resources and restore the Earth’s ecosystems of which mankind is an inseparable element.

The National Audubon Society had its beginnings at the turn of the century when many local Audubon clubs joined together over concern for the wading birds of the South whose numbers were being devastated by plume hunters. Today, the National Audubon Society includes over 500,000 members and more than 500 local chapters. The evolution and careful coordination of National Audubon’s four areas of expertise—science, land management, education and activism—have made National Audubon a powerful and credible voice for the conservation of wildlife and natural resources.

Audubon of Florida (formerly Florida Audubon Society) is the oldest and largest environmental organization in the state. While allied with the National Audubon Society in many endeavors, Audubon of Florida concentrates the majority of its energies on Florida’s most critical environmental issues. Audubon of Florida, with headquarters in Miami , has a network of 46 local chapters around the state with approximately 32,000 members.

The Space Coast Audubon Society was formed in the mid-1950s. Over the years this local chapter of both the Florida and National Audubon Societies has grown to include over 1,100 families and individuals. It is now Brevard County’s largest all-volunteer environmental organization.

The Space Coast Audubon Society is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our federal tax ID number is 57-0601281.