Florida Scrub Jay By Jim Eager (include this on page for scrub jay)
Florida Scrub Jay By Jim Eager

Florida Scrub-Jays: Nowhere Else in the World

Florida Scrub-Jays are Florida’s only truly native bird. They breed nowhere else in the world. But today, their population is just 10% of what it was 200 years ago.

How is Florida’s only endemic bird species faring across the state? Find out where they are thriving and why and how you can get involved in monitoring and protecting Florida Scrub-Jays. Join Marianne Korosy of Audubon Florida, as she coordinates the statewide Jay Watch program. She is among the people working to save the jays. Marianne has a master’s degree in geology from FSU and a PhD in conservation biology at the University of Central Florida. Her doctoral research focused on winter ecology of Grasshopper, Henslow’s, and Bachman’s Sparrows at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park.

Marianne says: “It’s about making a difference on one property at a time.”

In Brevard County, the Brevard Zoo has a Florida Scrub Jay program that re-locates families of the Jay to friendlier territory. You can read about their program here:


Our Florida Scrub Jay definitely needs our help!

You can email our Conservation Chair to see how you can help: [email protected]