This awesome link is from Cornell. You’ll be amazed.

SELECT YOUR REGION. For example for Florida you select SOUTHEAST.

Once you have selected the SOUTHEAST, you will find that the right side shows photos of all of the birds seen in the southeast.

TYPE OF FOOD. When you select a type of food, the right side will show you photos of the birds that eat that particular food. Thus, if you want to select a certain species, you can see which food that species eats. These are the food choices: sunflower seeds, corn, fruit, hulled sunflower seeds, mealworms, millet, milo, nyjer, oats, peanut, safflower, suet, sugar water (don’t put red food color in sugar water!)

FEEDER TYPE. Do you own a feeder? Or, considering on getting one? Your choice of feeder: Ground (you can use an old screen on top of bricks!), Platform, or “hopper” types. Again, select the type of feeder and you will see which birds you will attract.

Make certain the type of food coordinates with the type of feeder. Also, when purchasing bird seed, check out how much filler there is. Some bags of bird seed are 20% non-edible – that means cleanup!