ABA Young Birders

Are you a budding Young Birder or interested in learning more about teens and birding? The ABA Young Birders website is the perfect resource for those wanting to connect with other teens between the ages of 14-18 across the country who love birding and conservation. This website shares nationwide teen Young Birder events as well as information about the Young Birder of the Year contest, a huge number of teen birder blogs and ABA Young Birder camps. We have a few teen birders in Space Coast Audubon, so don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the members listed on the contact page to see about joining in on our outings and events.

National Geographic Backyard Birding for Kids

This site is perfect for those younger bird lovers and is filled to the brim with live bird web cams, a very detailed backyard bird identifier page,100s of bird photos that share information about each bird, fun quizzes and games.

Explore Life Bird Cams

This site is filled with a huge variety of live bird and animal webcams, many sponsored by Audubon. You can check in and see what is happening live at the Puffin Roost in Maine or watch the adorable puff-ball Peregrine Falcon chicks on a ledge near La Crescent, MN. There is everything from Magellanic Penguins in Long Beach, CA to a Hummingbird nest. Live feeds will change throughout the year depending on the various chick times for different species.

Birds and Blooms Backyard Projects for Kids

Birds and Blooms is a nationwide magazine aimed at helping people build a bird and wildlife friendly backyard. This project page is filled with countless varieties of Do-it-yourself bird feeder projects that are fairly simple and use regular household items you might have sitting around the house. Be aware that feeders need to be cleaned and checked on a regular basis and that suet and sugar water can go bad or ferment in the high temperatures of Florida.

Junior Duck Stamp Program and the National Wildlife Refuge System

The Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program began in 1994. The stamps are sold for $5 each by the US Postal Service and at National Wildlife Refuges like the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. Students can submit drawings to their state each year for the contest. This page offers links concerning the Junior Duck Stamp program as well as links to birding festivals and sections for Kids and Families and Backyard Birding.

Celebrate Urban Birds

This wonderful program is available for families or classrooms and is FREE. Celebrate Urban Birds is to reach urban families and children who might not get a chance to normally participate in science activities and helps scientists collect data concerning birds living in urban areas. When you sign up, you will receive a special kit that includes a variety of things to help you, your family or your classroom identify birds you might find in urban areas. You keep track of your information and then fill out an online data form.

A Kid's Guide to Bird-Watching in the Playground

Birding is fun for all ages including Kids.   Here to get some guidance on how to get started.