Florida Shorebird Alliance

The Florida Shorebird Alliance is the go-to website concerning shorebirds and seabird conservation. The site is filled with information concerning nesting shorebirds and nesting rooftop birds. If you are wanting to help protect these amazing birds, there is information about how to volunteer by becoming a bird steward during the various nesting seasons. The site includes data links to bird surveys and monitoring information as well as resources concerning everything from outreach materials for educators to shorebird aging guides to help determine ages through shorebird plumage.

Florida Keys Hawkwatch

The Florida Keys Hawkwatch is a project that currently monitors the migration of all avian species, with a focus on diurnal birds of prey from Curry Hammock State Park (56.2, Overseas Highway), and the morning flights of migratory land birds from Long Key State Park (67.5 of the Overseas Highway). It is the southernmost migration monitoring project in the continental United States. They currently hold the world record of 1,506 for most recorded migrating Peregrine Falcons in a single day. The FKH broke their previous world record they set back in October 2012 of 651 Peregrine Falcons tallied in one day. The Florida Keys Hawkwatch takes place each day from September 15 through November 2, 9am-4pm at Curry Hammock State Park on the Overseas Highway, Middle Keys, Florida. This website shares daily reports during the season that lets visitors see the daily counts and interesting finds of the day. The site shares the history of the hawkwatch as well how you can volunteer to come help count birds during the season. Space Coast Audubon is a sponsor for the Florida Keys Hawkwatch. Programs like this are important in that birds of prey are an indicator species of environmental changes and act as a barometer showing impacts in the ecosystem.