Indian River Lagoon has enormous problems. The large number of dead fish in 2016 made headlines.  There are several groups within the Indian River Lagoon community taking action to restore the Lagoon.

The Indian River National Estuary Program is the leader in county’s restoration efforts.

RLNEP Goals:

The goals of the Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program are:

  1. To attain and maintain water and sediment of sufficient quality to support a healthy estuarine lagoon system;
  2. To attain and maintain a functioning, healthy ecosystem which supports endangered and threatened species, fisheries, commerce and recreation;
  3. To achieve heightened public awareness and coordinated interagency management of the Indian River Lagoon ecosystem; and
  4. To identify and develop long-term funding sources for prioritized projects and programs to preserve, protect, restore and enhance the Indian River Lagoon.

For additional information about the RLNRP activities click HERE to access their website