Florida’s Butterflies & How to Garden for Them – April 30, 2023

What a beautiful day to learn about butterflies and see them in the native plant gardens at Enchanted Forest. Thank you to the 38 members and guests who joined us today. During the field practice we identified 12 species. Anyone who observed at least 10 species can apply for a Wings Over Florida Level 1 butterfly certificate. Huge thank you to Ed Perry for sharing his expertise and personal experiences of creating amazing butterfly habitat in his yard. We appreciate the Enchanted Forest staff and volunteers who provided snacks, raffle prizes, and a lovely venue for our program today. Have fun practicing your new skills!

1. Giant Swallowtail (3)
2. Gulf Fritillary (6)
3. Zebra Longwing (2)
4. Viceroy (1)
5. Orange-barred Sulphur (1)
6. Horace’s Duskywing (1)
7. Fiery Skipper (2)
8. Ceraunus Blue (1)
9. Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (2)
10. Black Swallowtail
11. Whirlabout
12. Tawny Emperor